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  • Best Bra-making Tutorials of 2018

    January 2, 2019 Your Fairy Bra Mother

    In January 2019, our theme is “Looking Back”. We’d like to kick off this year, by looking back at the Best Bra-making Tutorials of 2018. You may have missed some of them. Instead of you wading through pages of blog posts, we’ve gathered here the best of the tutorials we’ve posted, based on their popularity and viewer visits. January Although our theme was Colour of the Year, the most visited post was Working with Stretch Satin. We showed you that with a few tricks, even…

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  • The art of Fussy Cutting

    December 30, 2018 Your Fairy Bra Mother

    We love Scuba for bra-making! Not only is it always beautifully coloured and printed, but it is also co-operative at the sewing machine. Who could ask for a better fabric? If you don’t know Scuba, you might consider working with some in the New Year. We used this one fabric to share with you the Art of Fussy Cutting. This one Scuba print made FOUR completely different looking bras! If you don’t know how to fussy cut, here’s an easy tutorial. Cut…

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  • We’ve Got your Back!

    December 24, 2018 Your Fairy Bra Mother

    This January 2019, we’ve got your back! For this “We’ve Got Your Back” challenge, we ask you to make creative, unusual or off-the-wall crazy backs for your bras, swimsuits, corsets or underwear. Yes, this month we are looking at bra backs and how to make them pretty and even more supportive than they usually are. Just to get you started, here are three backs we’ve made in the past – you may recognize some of them. Over the month of January,…

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  • Ultimate Bra-makers Challenge 2019

    December 23, 2018 Your Fairy Bra Mother

    This past year, we offered up a Bra-makers challenge to you. Every month, we set a theme with supporting tutorials, designed to get your sewing motors revving. Why? We wanted you to expand your thinking, step up your construction skills and challenge your design thinking process. Well, my Fairy Bra Children, you did it! You rose to meet our challenge and made some spectacular garments. You challenged us, too! Every month, our Design Team worked hard to come up with garments that reflected…

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  • His and Hers Santa Shorts

    December 19, 2018 Your Fairy Bra Mother

    The holidays are almost here, and for those of you wanting a gift for that special couple or for yourself, here’s how we made the His and Hers Santa Shorts. We used the Lillebror version of the Mens Underwear pattern to make the Mens shorts. We shortened both the waistline to make them “sexier” and the legs. We purchased stretch crushed velour for the fabric. I love this fabric – it was easy to work with and the texture of the…

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  • Our 2018 Christmas Mannequin Tree

    December 16, 2018 Your Fairy Bra Mother

    We were looking forward to the planning and decorating of our 2018 Christmas Mannequin Tree since the summer. What colour should we use? What style of dress should she have? Real branches or artificial? All these questions brought forth ideas to discuss and finally formulate into a plan for our annual window display. In 2016 we draped rich purple with teal and peacock feathers. This was our first one, and we loved making it, even though it was really awkward…

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  • How to Make a Piped Sapphire

    December 9, 2018 Your Fairy Bra Mother

    We got a lot of comments when we posted this lovely Sapphire bra on social media. Denise, our talented instructor (and member of our small but mighty design team) made this using one of new printed fabrics. True to her style, Denise added piping in some strategic areas. Today we’ll share with you how to make a piped Sapphire bra. The techniques we show here will work on any partial band bra and they are not difficult to do. First,…

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  • Our Manly Challenge Entries

    December 2, 2018 Your Fairy Bra Mother

    Here are our Manly entries for the Ultimate Bra-makers Challenge. Most of you used our Men’s Underwear Pattern, but a few of you also took advantage of our FREE Men’s Tank Top offer. I am sure the men out there are quite happy to be seated in their wonderful new underwear! A couple of men modeled their new wearables – be forewarned! Agi This month I made two Lillebrors for my family members from this warming knit-pattern cotton jersey. As…

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  • Let the New You Shine Through!

    November 25, 2018 Your Fairy Bra Mother

    You have almost finished the Ultimate Bra Challenge for this year. It’s been lots of fun and some of you entered each and every month. It’s been a great way to challenge yourself with new skills and sewing outside your comfort zone. You’ve become a whole new sewing maven! You’ve let the new you shine through like the sun on a frosty morning! This month, let the new you shine through and show us how you can make a show-stopping garment,…

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  • How to Convert Over-the-top to Front Access

    November 18, 2018 Your Fairy Bra Mother

    Our Men’s Underwear pattern has been getting rave reviews. It has an inner support sling and two stylish views, both with over-the-top access. That’s a growing trend in men’s underwear, in a manner of speaking. However, if your guy prefers front access, there is an easy modification to the pattern you can do. Here’s how to convert over-the-top to front access. You can do this with any men’s underwear pattern, by the way. We’ll start with the front of the…

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