• Change your Bralette into a Nursing Bra

    April 15, 2018 Your Fairy Bra Mother

    One of our staff members is out on maternity leave and she had a great idea to change her favourite bralette into a nursing bra. This is a great idea, Christine and we thank you for the photos you took of the inside of the garment. Here’s how to change your bralette into a nursing bra. No drafting required! First start with a good bralette. This nursing bra hack can also been made to an existing bralette, but Christine likes…

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  • How to Sew the Ezi-sew Nursing Bra

    September 4, 2016 Your Fairy Bra Mother

    To add to our posts on nursing bras, here’s a tutorial on how to sew the Ezi-Sew Nursing bra. We actually wanted to see how easily it sewed together, and also how it fit after finishing it. Then we can compare how to sew the Ezi-sew Nursing bra to the self-drafted nursing bra I made in this post. Ready to begin? The Ezi-Sew nursing bra is available in three size ranges, the PZ-109 fits bra sizes 32B – E through to 40B-E. The PZ-110 fits bra sizes 32F-I…

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  • Happily Ever After – How to Sew a Nursing Bra

    August 28, 2016 Your Fairy Bra Mother

    In this post, I will go through how to sew a nursing bra the construction steps on . In my last post, I showed you how to draft a pattern with the same look as a vintage nursing bra, on that I thought would have great potential as a modern adaptation. Well you should see it now – it is truly a bra with a happily ever after ending!  I had a few revelations along the way, and actually thought of ways to…

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  • Happily Ever After – How to Draft a Vintage Nursing Bra

    August 21, 2016 Your Fairy Bra Mother

    In a earlier post, I showed you the Vintage Nursing Bra in my Once Upon a Time series. In this post, I’ll show you how to draft a Vintage nursing bra made of modern bra-making materials, hardware and sewing methods, so that new nursing bra can live Happily Ever After in your bra wardrobe.  Just to remind you, this is what cup of the Original bra looks like Before I show  you how to draft a vintage nursing bra, you need to convert your pattern to a…

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  • Once Upon a Time – Vintage Nursing Bra

    August 14, 2016 Your Fairy Bra Mother

    Once upon a time, nursing bras were limited to two choices – take it…or leave it.  Or were there other nursing bras we just didn’t get to see? Maybe so. A little while back, I found a wonderful Vintage Nursing Bra that I dated to between 1955 and 1960. let’s have a look at its overall appearance and functionality. Maybe then we can make one similar but maybe adding some modern features and fabric. Here’s the bra. The first thing to…

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  • Promoting your Breasts to a New Job!

    July 3, 2016 Your Fairy Bra Mother

    In a previous post, I talked about the job your breasts have been preparing for since your teenage years. When you are pregnant, you may get away with a retro fitted “regular” bra such as the Classic or the Shelley. However once your breasts get the promotion from getting-ready-to-feed-a-baby to their new job of feeding-the-baby, it’s a whole new bra we are talking about. To better illustrate the triumphs and tragedies of making nursing bras, I have some photos and…

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  • Are Your Breasts Getting A Promotion?

    June 29, 2016 Your Fairy Bra Mother

    Breasts are not purely ornamental. As much as you may want to disagree with me on that, your breasts were given one job to do and that job was to feed a baby. Are your breasts getting a promotion in the near future? OK…. maybe your breasts are unemployed at this particular time, but if they do get that job notice, it’s important to prepare them for the months ahead.  If so, here’s some advice for making that nursing bra. First…

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  • Find it hard to feed the baby?

    March 19, 2014 Your Fairy Bra Mother

    You know what they are – those wonderful clips found on the top of commercial nursing bras that allow you to unfasten the outer cup of your nursing bra while still ensuring a firm hold on your baby. No one understands what a precious balancing act this is, until they have to try it for themselves. No wonder women find it hard to feed the baby, they tend to wiggle a lot, and they become way more animated when they…

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