• Tour of the New Store

    December 21, 2017 Your Fairy Bra Mother

    We are pleased to announce the re-opening of our Grand New Store on Ottawa Street North in Hamilton, Ontario. Your memory is serving you well if you remember that we have been on Ottawa Street for seven years. Our new store is just two doors up the street from our old store, but it is miles apart in size and ambience! I am happy to take you on a photo tour of the new store in this blog post. We’d been…

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  • Bra-makers featured in Vogue

    June 17, 2016 Your Fairy Bra Mother

    Bra-makers featured in Vogue For many years, sewing has been hidden in the closet of the upscale fashion magazines. It’s like anyone who sewed their own clothes was to be pitied, as the poor cousins of the ready-to-wear family. For more than twenty years, I have heard the inevitable  “what do you mean, you sew your own bras?” and I always explain why we do. Then their eyes would glaze over….  However, today, not only did sewing make a huge leap…

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  • Bust Out the Bras Bra-making Contest

    May 11, 2016 Your Fairy Bra Mother

    Announcing our first ever – Bust Out the Bras! Bra-making Contest. The Bust Out the Bras! Bra-making Contest is open to all bra-makers, regardless of experience! It is a DIGITAL contest so no bras will have to be shipped to us. Just photos of a bra you have made in 2016. We will need approximately 10 photos of the bra-making process, perhaps the drafting of a tricky part, or the details of the sewing process that we all love to see,…

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  • Wanna see something truly magical?

    April 19, 2016 Your Fairy Bra Mother

    Wanna see something truly magical? Not very much in the fabric world is news to me – when you’ve been around fabric and sewing for …well, let’s just say a really long time, you see fabrics come and go. So every now and then I really do wanna see something truly magical! The 50s and 60s were the time for development of synthetic yarns. One of those yarns was polyester and nothing epitomized polyester to the home sewer than Crimplene. Remember…

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  • New Band Elastics

    March 25, 2016 Your Fairy Bra Mother

    New Band Elastics We made a commitment over a year ago to have all the same style of band elastic available in our 14 stock colours. We chose these new band elastics because we knew their firmness would be good for all body types and for all sizes. That goal has now been realised with the arrival of our latest colours – platinum (yes, it really is a nice grey colour and matches our duoplex and power net beautifully) and black…

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  • Dead Bra Day – February 13

    February 12, 2016 Your Fairy Bra Mother

    For bra-makers the world over, one day is associated with a gift of lingerie, and that is Valentine’s Day. But hold on…if your bra drawer looks like this, do you really have room for more? If they all fit well, and you wear them, yes, there is always room! But what about the bras that don’t fit you well, have “something” not right about them, or you are just sick of lookin’ at them…what do you do with those bras? Enter…

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  • Christmas in the Village

    December 12, 2015 Your Fairy Bra Mother

    Christmas in the Village We have a weird little corner in our store  – it’s under the stairs leading to the apartments upstairs. That corner is usually the catch-all corner for remnants, left-overs and sale items. Not an attractive corner by any means. Some time ago, one of our students offered us a deal to take all the remnants off our hands – it would be useful to her to make up samples and experiment with designs. But for us, it would…

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  • In the News!

    October 30, 2015 Your Fairy Bra Mother

    Great news! We were written up by Paola Lorrigio of the Canadian Press and featured in the Hamilton Spectator, City News and others today! So we are in the news! You can see three of our students here – Julia in the back left, Adrienne up front and Jessie with me on the right! It’s not every day we are in the news – so the students were pretty excited! Adrienne Connelly, who has a pitcher’s hand and ball tattooed…

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  • Christmas Greetings!

    December 20, 2014 Your Fairy Bra Mother

    By now, I’m sure you’ve shopped for everyone else. Are you worn out yet? How about taking some time for yourself over this holiday season? Why not go into your sewing room and do what you love to do? Seriously folks! You certainly deserve something special for spreading all that joy (and I’m not just talking about a nap!). We all need a break from the hustle and bustle of Christmas and I can’t think of a better way to…

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  • At the Enchanted Castle – construction ahead

    November 23, 2014 Your Fairy Bra Mother

    There is a beehive of activity at the store this weekend. We are getting a whole new office and shipping area! With the release of the Craftsy bra-making class, we do not have enough room for 3 at the computers and the shipping desk. It is, to say the least, a little crowded. Less than two years ago, we bought the current office set-up and thought we had LOTS of room. I believe I even said at the time “now…

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