• Bra Design and Draft

    October 2, 2016 Your Fairy Bra Mother

    Are you trying to get a ready-to-wear bra line going, but you do not want to use commercial patterns? Do you want to start a custom bra business with specialized sizes and shapes? Our Bra Design and Draft class here at Bra-makers Supply could be the secret to your success. We teach you how to draft a bra, then how to re-design it into virtually every style on the planet. It is five days of intensive learning! Since this is a five-day class,…

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  • Bra Fit for Every Body

    September 25, 2016 Your Fairy Bra Mother

    Do you have a sewing business where you are asked to make a bra for someone? Do you wish you had more experience fitting? We teach a class which teaches you how to fit a bra pattern to a woman’s unique body. We call that class Bra Fit for Every Body. It’s a catchy title but more than that, it’s exactly what you will learn in the 5 days you are with us. Bra Fit. For. Every. Body. No matter…

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  • Canada Cups Posts for Friday

    September 16, 2016 Your Fairy Bra Mother

    Here are the Canada Cups posts for Friday, September 16. Don’t forget to enter the give-away! Friday, September 16 Wild Stitch Rachel tries her hands at designing her own assets & So does her Cross Country BB Jess with an interview (guess who?) Valérie est du rétour avec une entrevue de Blackbird Michelle takes us to a secret spot in the centre of things

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  • Canada Cups Posts for Thursday

    September 16, 2016 Your Fairy Bra Mother

    Once again, I am posting the directions to the Canada Cups Posts for Thursday, September 15. You’ll love  the bind they find themselves in today! Will I have to go to untangle the cords, or can they do it themselves? Thursday, September 15 Karin gets chaotic (twice!) with corsets at Mrs. Weaver’s Finest Unmentionables & Her BB Marsha flies by the seams of her pants into the corsetry web Shelaine is up to something and we have no idea what Michelle gets Mrs. Weaver to…

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  • Canada Cups Posts for Wednesday

    September 15, 2016 Your Fairy Bra Mother

    Here are the links to the Canada Cups posts for Wednesday, September 14!  Remember, folks, to stay with us through to the end of the tour for a chance to win additional prizes from our awesome sponsors: complete kits to make your own bra, bra and swimsuit-making classes, fabric, and more … Wednesday, September 14 Rachelle gets to the bottom of things with her review of a Craftsy class & Her surrogate Bosom Buddy Michelle from Michelle’s Creations dishes on…

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  • Canada Cups Posts for Tuesday

    September 13, 2016 Your Fairy Bra Mother

    Here are the links to the Canada Cups posts for Tuesday, September 13! Don’t our bloggers logos look great? Lisa fits right in as a new Pin Up Girl & Her Bosom Buddy, Shelaine, also makes her first bra Rachelle gets up close and personal with Carrie from With Love Lingerie Valérie returns with a whole new Bosom Buddy to tell us about Miss Maika Fabrics(This girl gets around!) Remember to stick around to the end of the tour fro…

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  • Canada Cups Posts for Monday

    September 12, 2016 Your Fairy Bra Mother

    Here’s a short post to save you a little time hunting and clicking to find the Canada Cups Posts for Monday, September 12. Don’t forget the give-away and the discounts! Monday, September 12 Valérie, la Élégantine, gets us airborne with some lingerie of her own,même en français &Her Bosom Buddy Michelle S. from Little Heart Threads, balances with more sweet lingerie Lisa who drinks Glitter in my Coffee brings us an Uplifting post (my former student and a huge success in her own…

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  • The Canada Cups Cross Your Heart Relay

    September 11, 2016 Your Fairy Bra Mother

    Would you like me to wave my magic wand and send you on a trip across Canada? You would? How about a magical trip where you also be learning all about making your own intimate apparel? Are you in? Join me as I take you across Canada and into the wonderful world of intimate apparel. This trip is FREE…and without the hassle of airports, luggage, or strange hotel beds! The best part is….wait for it…you will be joined by thousands of your sewing friends.…

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  • Sweet Sixteen Bralette pattern

    June 19, 2016 Your Fairy Bra Mother

    If you have even glanced at fashion magazines lately, you will see that there is a new darling in the bra world and it’s hot fashion news right now! Some would say it’s not a bra at all while others are claiming “it’s the best!” Who is this new Belle of the Ball? Why, the Sweet Sixteen bralette pattern of course! What is a bralette? A bralette is a non-wired, unstructured bra that is a cross between a camisole and a training bra. They…

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  • Wanna see something truly magical?

    April 19, 2016 Your Fairy Bra Mother

    Wanna see something truly magical? Not very much in the fabric world is news to me – when you’ve been around fabric and sewing for …well, let’s just say a really long time, you see fabrics come and go. So every now and then I really do wanna see something truly magical! The 50s and 60s were the time for development of synthetic yarns. One of those yarns was polyester and nothing epitomized polyester to the home sewer than Crimplene. Remember…

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