• March Challenge Fashion Show

    April 8, 2018 Your Fairy Bra Mother

    Our theme for our March Challenge was Splash into Spring, for which we asked you to make swimwear of any type, colour or fabric. I can’t believe how many of you had never tried making swimwear prior to this month! That’s what a challenge is all about – pushing yourself out of your envelope and trying new things. Here are the entries and descriptions in their own words,  in the March Challenge Fashion Show! Agnes H “Here is my entry…

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  • An Easy Cover-up

    March 22, 2018 Your Fairy Bra Mother

    Picture yourself at the beach in your lovely new swimsuit…but you would like to walk along the beach to take in the sunset. Do you take your walk in your swimsuit, bikini or monokini? Or do you go back to the hotel room to change? Here’s the ideal compromise – an easy cover-up to make and wear.  In keeping with swimwear month, I’ve taken this bit of information from The Big Book of Swimwear, which I published earlier this month. A…

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  • A Big Book of Swimwear for all!

    March 11, 2018 Your Fairy Bra Mother

    I’ve been wanting to write a much more in-depth book on swimwear since I wrote Make & Fit Swimwear some years ago. There wasn’t any book on the market that went into the fitting, design and construction of all types of swimwear, including tankinis, monokinis or even bra bikinis. I decided to write what I tentatively called “the Big Book of Swimwear”. Like the Bra-makers Manuals that I wrote several years ago, this is also a comprehensive guide to Design, Draft,…

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  • How to Insert Bra Cups into Swimwear

    November 12, 2017 Your Fairy Bra Mother

    Do you know what stops most sewers from making their own swimwear? In a word, it’s the cups. You might be able to muddle through inserting one pair of cups in one swimsuit, but what if you want to make that swimsuit over and over again. If you are swimming in a public pool twice a week, don’t expect your suit to last more than a season. All that chlorine isn’t swimsuit-friendly. If you  would like to make your own…

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  • How to make a Ruched Triangle Top

    August 3, 2017 Your Fairy Bra Mother

    I love it when a customer brings in a garment from ready to wear so we can see it. Not only is it good for us to see what the trends are for that season, it gives us a chance to see behind the seams – and really check out the construction. In this case, we saw a ruched triangle top. Not only that but there is added banding along the sides that extend to create the halter strap. The…

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  • Tale of Two Triangles

    July 26, 2017 Your Fairy Bra Mother

    Every now and then someone brings in foam cups from a ready to wear swimsuit for us to match up to what we have. Most often we have something very similar if not identical. However recently someone brought in a swimsuit top that had triangle cups but they weren’t like ours. How can that be? Aren’t  all triangles the same? Let me tell you the tale of two triangles… When we looked at the triangle top we could see that…

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  • Can We Make a Seamless Swim Bra?

    July 10, 2016 Your Fairy Bra Mother

    The summer is here! And what better way to celebrate summer than with a custom swimsuit you make for yourself? I have no doubts that your hand made suit can rival the suits you buy in the shops. The question is,  can we make a Seamless Swim Bra like we see in expensive suits? Yes, we can! Recently a student who was in our Swim Week class brought in a swimsuit she had purchased from a website in England. She paid a pretty penny (or…

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  • Big Boobs and Soft Belly

    May 18, 2016 Your Fairy Bra Mother

    Swimsuit season is fast approaching. In our part of Canada, the Victoria Day weekend is considered by many to be the first for swimming (yes, the water is still cold!) No matter when you start swimming – it’s time to dig out those patterns, shop for some spandex and start sewing! First things first, let’s do some measuring….ooooh. Did I just hear a groan? Was the winter hard on your body, leaving you “somewhat” less than eager to sew a…

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  • Sewing Swimwear!

    February 29, 2016 Your Fairy Bra Mother

    Today, on Leap Day 2016, my newest Craftsy class Sewing Swimwear: the Supportive One-piece has launched! You can watch the trailer here… What will you find in this Sewing Swimwear class?   how to choose a swimsuit pattern and  appropriate spandex fabric. Sometimes the fabric choices seem to be overwhelming but with some guidelines, you’ll fear the fabric store no more how to make custom alterations for length and width prior to cutting your suit. Learn to adjust for some parts of…

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  • Free Floating Bras

    January 31, 2016 Your Fairy Bra Mother

    Two days of making swimwear started today at the Saskatchewan Stitches Conference. The students were told that there were several ways of supporting the bust in a swimsuit; shelf bras, pre-formed cups and  free-floating bras. let’s look at each of these. 1. Shelf bras, which are a piece of fabric in the front of the suit with a few gathers along the bottom edge. This type of shelf bra is not good at supportive a larger bust or one that is flaccid…

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